Android Development Roadmap for Beginners 2021

Android Application
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  1. Have a clear goal in your mind

Learn Android Development to build college projects or make it as your professional career. Decide why you want to learn Android.

2. Learn Java or Kotlin

Choose Java : if you are studying in college — you will have the advantage of coding data structures in Java and with the help of Spring Boot you could develop cool websites.

Choose Kotlin : if you are passionate to become an Android Developer. Google has declared Kotlin as a first class language in 2019. Learning Kotlin is easy after you learn Java. Kotlin is inter-operable with Java.

Learning Extensible Markup Language (XML) is necessary to define layouts in applications.

Tip : It is recommended for beginners to learn Java first and switch to Kotlin after you are comfortable with Android Programming.

3. Install Android Studio and Java Development Kit (JDK)

Android Studio is the official IDE for Android Development built on JetBrains’ IntelliJ IDEA software. Install JDK and configure the Environment variables.

4. The Fundamentals

  • Learn about the 4 components on android like Activities, Services, Broadcast Receivers and Content Providers.
  • Click here to access the recommended resource by Google Android Developers.
  • Have an understanding of Version Control such as GIT, GITBASH, GITLAB.
  • Be familiar with RESTful API which connects apps to back-end services.
  • Have a fair knowledge of working with Databases like Room or SQLite.

5. Build Projects

The best way to learn Android is by getting your hands dirty and writing code. If you watch endless tutorials, you are not going to learn. So build a few beginner friendly apps like:

Stopwatch, Calculator, Dice Roller, Notes app, To-Do list app, Quiz app, Visiting card.

Remember the sky is the limit. Get started with building apps now.

Wrap up

That wraps it up for the Beginner Android Development Roadmap 2021. Learn the basics and start working on projects. Good luck!




3rd year undergrad

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Vibha Shree M S

Vibha Shree M S

3rd year undergrad

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